Thursday, April 24, 2014


  lauren of still + life is a photographer.  
she's teaching classes like ditch your gear at virginia's museum of contemporary art.
lauren, and christine of the plumed nest, started a photo challenge called perception_collection on instagram.  their topic on this day was reflection.   

you can check out more on instagram.

joy to you!


  1. I love trying to shoot reflections in the water. The photos featured are lovely. I'm off to the beach this weekend and hope I can brave the cold and get some good water shots.

  2. Hi Noreen, I'm back. Had a fabulous holiday and think 50 is fab! Lauren's "Ditch Your Gear" course sounds so good, I found on holiday I left the big camera at the hotel a few times and opted for the iphone. Nice to see Lauren's perception_collection is resonating with so many people as well on instagram, hooray!!!!

  3. Hey! I missed this! So sweet of you to give us a shot out, and Noreen, I just loved your photos in our challenge. I could have picked every one of yours for every prompt. Your eye for composition is getting stronger and stronger. XO


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