Thursday, June 26, 2014

summer plans

if we filled our life with little stuff - watching tv, running errands, shopping - we might not  have time for the bigger stuff - learning to drive, summer jobs, and fun times together.

this summer my family made these jars of our plans.  we wrote on the big rocks our most important goals, and little ones the not-quite-so-important activities.  We still had room for lots of sand.  the little stuff might not be urgent, but it can be relaxing, and we have little time for that during the school year.  

play sand, rocks, and chalk labels from michael's crafts.



  1. Oh this is a great idea Noreen. We usually make a list for the summer, and we just haven't done it this year. I'm not sure what that means. Everything feels topsy turvy. Trying to trust. We had plans for the 4th that involved a new beach, a boat tour and a national park, but now they're calling for rain! ;)


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