Monday, August 11, 2014

chocolate reading camp

this year for the first time I created an educational camp using two of my favorite things. I had the children pre-read roald dahl's charlie and the chocolate factory.  during the camp the children read the chocolate touch.  For fluency practice, I wrote chocolate fever into a script. campers read the script each afternoon, and performed it for their parents on Friday.  

we also ate chocolates for morning and afternoon snacks.  On Friday we made chocolate. 

the children played vocabulary charades and made finger puppets from wool roving. here are the puppets before being made into characters. campers also made dioramas from cardboard boxes so they had a little puppet theater. 

it was so much fun, with hoopla hoops for Venn diagrams- but the children built their skills. And got warmed up for school.

only down side?  i'm craving chocolates at least twice a day now. 
maybe we need a kale and blueberry camp?

here's hoping your kids are reading and enjoying it as a sweet experience.


  1. I love the idea of this camp. Tying reading to sweetness is brilliant. What fun!

  2. I'm craving chocolate too from reading your post!!!

  3. You are the best teacher in the world - you put chocolate into the curriculum!

  4. Such a fun way to learn. Enjoy your chocolate breaks xx


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