Thursday, August 14, 2014

survive institute

my older teen and i went with friends to a self protection training.  

the survive institute believes in learning by doing.  the teachers, former law enforcement officers, are warm and welcoming, and very direct.  

we made our own pizza, and sat outside with lemonade or water infused with mint.  the view of the ohio river was lovely.  


let no one confuse your kindness as weakness is the motto.  

we've trained our children to have good manners.  the trick is when to use them, and when to throw them over for a more effective strategy.  the survive trainers helped the teens know when that is.  the evening we went, there were only girls attending with moms, but boys are welcome.  i plan to bring my son when he is a little older.

the evening was scary, and very hands-on.  for almost-college-kids who will attend urban schools, this training was really useful.  

you can find out more information at their facebook page.

the beauty of staying safe.



  1. Oh, I love this idea! We've had some weird crime in our neighborhood this summer. Just the strangest stuff. My son and his friends are unfailingly polite, and I worry. Worry that they'll be misunderstood and worry that they won't know when to throw their manners out the window. Wonder if these guys are near us.

  2. I agree with Lauren, what a fabulous idea, so important that our children learn about assertiveness and not let people 'confuse their kindness as weakness'. Brilliant program.


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