Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Going outside during the school day was a joy.  The sun shone, and the children were excited to learn about the plants and animals in our biome - the temperate forest.  I took no pictures, but made lots of memories - 
   - the sunlight in the canopy -  looking up and seeing the undersides of leaves bright yellow-green
   - children thinking, looking, finding vertebrates and invertebrates, asking questions to find out about the life around us
   - boys and girls who rarely slow down for art very seriously sketching the forest
   - hearing students just introduced to the terms yesterday use deciduous and coniferous
   - the breeze refreshing us, and bringing floating leaves
   - two hawks soaring as we walked back into the school building
We are making a terrarium of the layers of the temperate forest.  Older children began by digging the bedrock level.  

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