Thursday, April 24, 2014


  lauren of still + life is a photographer.  
she's teaching classes like ditch your gear at virginia's museum of contemporary art.
lauren, and christine of the plumed nest, started a photo challenge called perception_collection on instagram.  their topic on this day was reflection.   

you can check out more on instagram.

joy to you!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

rock fishing death

janine, of shambolic living, is australia's modern erma bombeck.  she's smart, funny, and celebrates the uniqueness of her family.  

it was a shock last week to hear that her husband, a
 46-year-old father of two teens, died while rock fishing.

janine's tribute to her long-time sweetheart is beautiful, and
if you have time to pay a visit and offer condolence, you can find it here.
the newspaper article is here.

loss of a loved one in a sudden accident is devastating,
but loss shared brings us together.

peace to you. 
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