Friday, March 23, 2012

the best cake and a math clock

 chocolate cake with chocolate icing and mint in the middle - it was the best cake i have ever eaten.  i didn't make it, but am very lucky in my relatives.  do you have a "favorite cake ever"? 
my mathematician sister's clock.
what's happening this weekend?  
joy to you.


  1. Chocolate and mint works for me, but that clock...forgetaboutit! Happy Friday my friend! Margie

  2. I've always loved chocolate and mint together since I can remember. I wish someone would bake me a cake...anyway, so happy it's Friday! Teri

  3. Beautiful cake...I also love chocolate and mint. Was this for St Patrick's Day? My family are from Northern Ireland. My husband fancies himself as a mathmatician will have to show him this clock! Thank you Noreen for your recent visit, I appreciated your lovely comments. Catherine x

  4. Hi Noreen, UPDATE: My husband was able to work three of them out and loved the clock so much he wants to know where your sister got it from???

  5. Oh, that cake looks good! Wouldn't mind a slice right now, mmmm. I think my favorite cake is a special chocholate sponge cake that you pour thick, warm chocholate sauce over, and then shredded coconut on top. Because the sauce is hot it goes into the cake, but it's thick enough to stay at the top too. I've grown up with a lot of sponge cake, and it's my son's favourite kind of cake too.

    Cool clock!

    Thanks for your balloon filled with "heal-ium" :-)I was acutally well again this week, until friday. Yesterday (saturday) I woke up with a cold, so AGAIN my weekend has been mostly about resting for the coming work week. Influenza and colds are going round and round at work, and I guess I don't have a good resistance for sickness righ now (that was probably not correct English). If I was a runner like you I would probably be much healthier...

    Hope you had a lovely weekend! Love Maria

  6. @catherine - i have no idea where we bought the clock. it was a gift to her. google "math clock"? let me know if you find it, and good for your honey for solving them!
    @jamie - that sponge cake with chocolate sounds delicious. yum! also i hope you are well by monday!

  7. Love the clock! I once bought my dad a somewhat similar Einstein themed watch from the NY Public Library shop. It used pi, x, i, and e as numbers on the watch and the entire face rotated every second (because time is relative!).

  8. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing with mint in the middle sounds pretty perfect. I still love red velvet cake. There are some that think it's too rich, but I just love it. Yes, cool clock!


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