Friday, June 28, 2013

COSI - stuck on the unicycle over the lobby

 from the mezzanine you can see the foucault (foo-KOH) pendulum in the lobby of 
 proof that earth rotates on an axis, it swings slowly, knocking over little pegs at intervals.
 the planets circle the sun the way they do, but overhead
 a person rides a weighted unicycle.
 while we were there, a child got stuck on the wire.  
the boy wasn't strong enough and didn't have enough momentum to push the pedals.
 the man at the base spoke calmly to the child.  
he kept the young boy occupied.  
i wondered, though, how he was going to solve the problem.
talking, talking, that's all he seemed to do.
but then
i noticed the person with the long hook on the floor below.
ah!  dragged to safety.  

life is an adventure.

joy to you!


  1. Ahh thank goodness he was dragged to safety! Looks like the staff had it under control though. I'm sure this happens all the time. We have a museum here in Melbourne like COSI it's called Scienceworks, educational and fun at the same time, my children used to love going there when they were younger. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. C x

  2. Life certainly is an adventure!
    Thank you for your lovely comment over on my blog, much appreciated! :)


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