Monday, May 27, 2013

taste of cincinnati 2013

 a blue, moving statue with intense eyes stared at me when i took his photo, and 
 then slowly turned away.
he was mesmerizing and i didn't notice dora at the time.
 the street smelled of delicious food, so we moved along.
 fresh lemonade and fruit smoothies were available, but
 i bought cuban black beans with sour cream and onions from here.  
 like a race, it's fun to be in the middle of the street,
 the lights turn red and green, and no one takes notice.  

edible beauty.
joy to you.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

bad news

 a dear friend's dad died.
a student's mom passed away not long ago.
 teachers like to fix things - reteach, go forward, intervene.
sometimes we can't make things better.

we can just be present  
and hold memories.

is there beauty in sorrow?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

shiny water

79 degrees, and i ran 5 miles during soccer practice.  these geese were two feet from the trail.  one parent would watch, while the other and the fuzzy goslings ate.  
then they took their little ones to the pond.
with perfect camouflage, the babies disappeared into the muddy rocks while their parents swam.

natural beauty.

a peaceful day to you.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

farm beach bethel

do montessori teachers make wonderful farmers?
for sarah, the answer is definitely.
she's a homeschooling mom, and 
i see her montessori training in the beautiful way she organizes and displays the food she's grown.

in cincinnati, you can shop at farm beach bethel on saturdays at the

highly recommended!

natural beauty.
joy to you.

Monday, May 20, 2013

hal holbrook in mark twain tonight!

saw a one man show on this set.
it was just an ornate chair, a table with some books, and a lectern on a rug.

hal holbrook never sat in the chair.  he smoked an unlit cigar, talked politics (as twain) in the first half, and did a funny huck finn skit in the second.
holbrook is 88 years old!  born in 1925.  

beauty with stamina.

joy to you!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

the bonbonerie

 you know the bonbonerie has a lovely tea, but did you know they have a cafe?
let's go in and have a little lunch.
the sun streams through the front windows, and the tea canisters line the wall.  
we can sit inside or outside.
the egg salad, rueben, or tuna salad with greens make a delicious lunch,  
and you won't find folks wiser about tea choices to go with your meal.

want to take a sweet class?  here they are!
here's a secret - i like to go upstairs to the bakery and choose dessert.  
would you like a sample of the carrot cake?
here's dessert - a perfect chocolate mousse in a dark chocolate cup.  

do you have time for a walk around the neighborhood?
leisurely beauty.

joy to you!
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