Wednesday, June 12, 2013

dads are important

 If Little Red Riding Hood had a dad,
Perhaps things wouldn't have turned out so bad.
He'd have taught her the useful things a dad can teach you,
Like the difference between Grandma and a wolf who'll eat you.
He'd have brought her two photographs to let her see
How completely different two things can be.
He'd show her a picture of his kindly old mother,
And say, "Grandma's one thing.  A wolf is another."
Grandma wants to hug you and give you a kiss.
A wolf wants to eat you, and he looks like this - 
Big teeth, big ears, and plenty of fur.
Now look at your grandma, does a wolf look like her?
Your report card was great, I know you're smart,
So it shouldn't be had to tell them apart.
Now, please get to Grandma's before it gets dark,
Don't go through the forest, stay out of the park,
Don't stop to talk to any wolves you meet,
And don't wear that red thing when you walk down the street.
jeff moss

happy early father's day!

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