Friday, January 10, 2014

newport aquarium

and a rare white alligator which would never survive in the wild due to its inability to sneak up on prey are creatures to see at the newport aquarium.
it's child-friendly, and has a play area in the frog bog.  
you can see the neon lit jellyfish area, with
snowflake jellies (upside-down jellyfish) and 
their more well-known cousins.  
i might need to explain to our students that jellyfish are really not this color.
you can pet a shark while there, just
not these big ones.  

i've posted about newport aquarium before, and it changes all the time.
the otters are gone, and there's a new exhibit opening in march.  

it's all interesting!
here's wishing you a restful weekend.

1 comment:

  1. We bemoan jellies every summer. They start cropping up as soon as the water warms up and really peak in August, especially in the Bay. There are all sorts of home remedies, and many people won't come to the beach in late summer without a jar of vinegar to douse the sting (that's what the lifeguards keep too!). But, that snowflake jelly? STUNNING!


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