Monday, March 24, 2014

first day of spring, top 5

last week's top 5 - 
5.  i got the days mixed up, thought thursday was the 21st, and the first day of spring.
4.  although i had the date wrong, thursday WAS the equinox.
3.  warm weather = recess with no coats!
2.  bringing my honey these tulips to celebrate the season.
1.  open windows in our sunny classroom.

reality check:  lows in the 20s and snow possible tuesday.

here's wishing you a beautiful week.


  1. Your spring sounds like our spring! Dug past the winter coats to find the sunscreen for Cal's baseball game. Snow mixing with the rain yesterday. More snow and rain tomorrow. Crazy! But progress, right? ;)

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  3. Sorry 'Emma' is me, my daughter signed into Google on our computer while visiting on the weekend without me realising.

    I can imagine how happy you all must be to see signs of Spring after such a bad winter. The tulips are beautiful, a lovely shade of red, one of my favourite flowers.


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