Monday, May 19, 2014

zoo - snapshots

 during a flamingo presentation, the speaker's pocket was interesting to one bird. 
their amazingly long necks were matched by delicate, fragile-looking legs.
 the rhinoceros looks prehistoric, and 
raindrops make small ripples in the polar bears' pool.  
small joys.

peace to you.


  1. That last photo is my favorite! Are you guys in wind-down time? Cal starts exams in just over a week. It feels like things are speeding up!

  2. I haven't been to the zoo since my children were younger. Did you go with your class? Lovely photos Noreen, isn't the flamingos body incredible looking and it's colour is just beautiful. xx

  3. i LOVE flamingos and love going to the zoo.
    The last time I went (a few years ago I joined a 1 day sketching course at the zoo). It was so much fun and I still like looking at my sketches. Drawing the Gorillas was a particular challenge:-)

    Lovely pics!!


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