Wednesday, July 2, 2014

butter is back

remember when mark bittman,  ny times writer and food expert, was advised to become a vegan to fix his health?  he compromised and limited himself to that way of eating during the day. this book and its accompanying cookbook are a result.  the news is that, as mark said in a ny times article, butter is back.

a meta-analysis published in the journal annals of internal medicine found that there is no evidence to support the notion that saturated fat increases the risk of heart disease.  as bittman says, you can go back to eating butter, if you haven't already.  he goes says the real villains in our diet are sugar and ultra-processed foods.  

this reminds me of a story about julia child.  someone - dean ornish?  andrew weil? was creating a cookbook with very low fat, vegetarian entrees, and invited celebrity chefs to participate.  julia turned them down, saying it was against her cooking and eating philosophy.  

let's try this - simple food, with few ingredients, more vegetables, and meat from a local farmer.  

edible beauty.

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  1. I eat vegetarian before 6. Vegan just doesn't make sense to me. And Neel and I noticed how butter just isn't available on the table in Greece and Italy. They bring you olive oil with your bread (until they discover you're American!). We've cut it out of a lot of our eating, but... I can't imagine not cooking with it. Seriously! ;)


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