Tuesday, September 16, 2014

on the wall

it was bigger than any arachnid I'd seen outside the tarantula at the zoo. the children at recess were mesmerized. when another brave teacher got it into a glass container for a short while, we could see the egg sack underneath. 

the beauty of nature, best kept outside. 


  1. Major freak out time! I bet that had all the children screaming. Isn't it great that there's always one person who doesn't mind dealing with creepy crawlies. Hooray for the brave teacher.

  2. Eeep! You know, we have had TONS of spiders inside and outside the house this summer. Last fall, when we had tons of spiders, I looked up the connection between spiders/spider webs and hard winters and there is one (according to the farmers, that is). They showed up in September last year...what does it mean when they show up in JULY!?

  3. How exciting for the kids, and so cool to see the egg sack!
    We have so many big spiders here that I barely even notice them. Though some of the little ones give nasty little bite. xx


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