Tuesday, June 26, 2012

new ducks

 little fuzzy ducks were the surprise on the far side of mirror lake in eden park.  they clusted next to their mama, except
 for the independent one, off exploring already.  during my second lap,
i watched her lead the way into the water.  
there's where the idiom comes from - they took to swimming like a duck to water.  
joy to you.


  1. Love the ducks, and your idiom. Just last week the kids and I were out enjoying some Vitamin D and along came a little family of ducks. Waddle, waddle. The kids thought it was the best thing they had ever seen. Aw, enjoying life through children.

  2. There is nothing cuter than baby ducks, well maybe kittens. But, yeah I always stop to watch a family of ducks. Can't get enough! Teri

  3. Sweet little ducklings :-) And you are running as usual :-)

  4. It's fascinating to watch a mother duck with her little ducks...so instinctual.

  5. like a duck to water... it's innate. i love your photos xx

  6. Love the ducks... always try and go and visit ducks when I can.
    So peaceful.... would love to be near water right now:)

  7. Awww cute! thanks for sharing the ooh so cute joy!!


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