Friday, June 29, 2012

casual friday - writing prompt

happy friday!

it's summer, and time to think about getting off dry land.  here's your question:

what is your favorite water transportation?  who else would be in your boat, and where would you be - lake, ocean, etc.?

in my ideal, i am canoeing on a peaceful lake in maine with my mother.  she is bossy, and tells me on which side to put my paddle.  this doesn't bother me, however, and we have a relaxing conversation as we go under the bridge and into the smaller part of the lake.  we see the plants coming up through the water, and push off rocks with the oars to avoid getting stuck.  the weather is lovely, so while we are getting exercise, it's not strenuous.  when finished, together we drag the canoe out of the water and turn it upside down on the wooden rack.  

your turn..


  1. I have happy memories of sailing in a friends little yacht on Sydney harbour, the water always makes me feel so free and clears my head.

  2. this is beautiful! i'd love to be on the river in a houseboat with my family. my son and partner happily fishing, miss s playing with her found treasures and me reading... yes, it is fanciful xx

  3. I had planned a canoe weekend with my son a couple of weeks ago, but it was to rainy. Maybe another weekend - paddle in a big lake, camping on little islands and making food by the fire or on a little camp stove. Be close to nature and listen to the silence.

  4. Even though I've never been on one before, I'm going to say a paddle boat. When I was in D.C. a couple of months ago, I saw they had them available to rent on the lake right by the Jefferson Memorial and it looked like it would be so much fun.

  5. My apologies for not getting to this on Friday...Had the page open and then got pulled away. I think I'm also going to pick a canoe. My rowing partner would be either my husband or good friend...Hopefully, we can indulge in uninterrupted chit chat and clock in some exercise at the same time. I tend to get motion sickness, so I'll pick a lake for a smoother ride. Fun exercise, Noreen.


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