Tuesday, August 6, 2013

jeni's ice cream

 walking down the street in chagrin falls, ohio, you see this sign that says "gravel" over and over in different colors.  
 with shops only in ohio and tennessee, but sold at some whole foods, and
available at the link above online, this ice cream is special.
 using dairy from snowville creamery, whose cows are well-cared-for and
 it's just amazing.  
 the small size is two flavors.  
i had dark chocolate and backyard mint (which tasted just like the mint growing on our
deck).  gravel is a topping; quite unnecessary.
 you can sit and enjoy or take it outside and 
visit the chagrin falls.

the jeni who created these shops and treats is an interesting person.  
you can learn more about her here.

this blog is a labor of love, and there you have it - 
my strongest recommendation.

beautiful dessert.


  1. I'm sorry, but brown butter almond brittle? I'd be all over that! And it may not be necessary, but I might need to at least *try* gravel. Thank you for being here each day, Noreen.

  2. Those flavours are special..roasted strawberry buttermilk sounds truly divine. Going to read about Jeni now, I'm intrigued. Chagrin Falls looks like the perfect place for a Sunday outing with the family. Thank you for this post Noreen, I'm inspired. xx


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