Monday, August 5, 2013

punderson manor and lake

 i woke up early, and went looking for a quiet place to work.  
 the dining room was closed, and the sunrise was pouring in through the wall of windows.  
 then i looked up and noticed the view.

 penderson is a kettle lake.  during the ice age, this area was under a glacier.
12,000 years ago, when it receded, a large block of ice broke off and  created a depression.
there it melted, making it the largest and deepest kettle lake in ohio.
if you wade in a few feet, the bottom drops out to a 40 foot depth.  
 outside the manor house, you can watch the sun rise, or
 go back inside and
enjoy the view from there.

(still using the phone for photographs)

natural, historical beauty.

joy to you!


  1. Well Noreen, I think you found it and hit the jackpot to boot with the view!

  2. This place looks like somewhere you'd see in a movie. Just gorgeous, love the early morning atmosphere.


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