Wednesday, September 25, 2013

once upon a cool motorcycle dude

 one day a creative author, kevin o'malley, wrote once upon a cool motorcycle dude.
every princess-loving girl will enjoy it, and 
 every child who doesn't typically read fairy tales will love it, too.
 here's what's interesting - three illustrators!
 the pretty princess artist,
 o'malley, who drew the children of the story who had to write a fairy tale together,
 the cool motorcycle dude artist.
 children will relate to 
 group projects with challenging peers, and
smile at the unexpected story.

voracious readers will eat the book up like chocolate pudding.  those who will really benefit are reluctant or early readers.  read this aloud, and they realize what fun books can be.

there is a sequel called once upon a royal superbaby.

joy to you.

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