Tuesday, September 10, 2013

the girl who never made mistakes

 during the first days of school, i read this book aloud to our
first, second, and third-grade students.  
 beatrice bottomwell has fans outside the door in the morning.  
she's won the local talent show with her juggling act three years in a row, but she won't go skating on the frozen pond.
what if she fell? 

the story and illustrations are charming, but the message is key.  if you know a little perfectionist or perhaps a child who easily works above grade level but hates to try difficult things for fear of making an error, this book is helpful.

more information here.

the beauty of imperfection.
joy to you.


  1. I wonder if this would work for the middle school set? My son definitely hates failure, but I will say, he's not afraid to try. He just thinks things, well, EVERYTHING, should be perfect the first time! ;)

  2. Sweet Lucie, like Cal, is laboring under the impression that she must be able to do EVERYTHING well on the VERY FIRST TRY!!! Therefore new things are extremely frustrating for her and she gives up before she's really had a go of it. I wonder if that is a trait of intelligent children who are capable of being successful from the beginning enough of the time that it sets a precedent for them? I might have to read it to her even though she's in 6th grade.

  3. Such a great message. I think Miss S would love this! xx


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