Friday, October 4, 2013

moleskine questions at london design festival

illustrate objects, ideas, systems, and details you could not live without in a private space or the public domain.

examine what needs improving in your personal or professional life.

draw something you would like to design, but haven't had the chance yet.

those are the three challenges put to 70 designers invited to participate in the moleskine sketch relay at the london design festival sept. 14 - 22nd.  

the marvelous tina at colour living participated.  she also posted other professionals' work.  you can check out her post here.

for those of us not in the art or design world, the questions are still interesting.  

objects, ideas, systems, and details that you couldn't live without - hmm - note that doesn't include people, but might include the library, a bike, or grandma lea's meatballs.

things that need improving?  well, check out tina's list.  it's pretty thorough!

something new that hasn't been designed yet?
thoughts on this one?

creative beauty.


  1. Hello Noreen, that was a thought provoking post on Tina's blog wasn't it? Certainly gets you thinking. I'm in total agreement about not being able to live without the Library and Meatballs (love meatballs). Happy 22nd Wedding Anniversary also, we've been married for 22 years also! Congratulations. xx

  2. Noreen, I've just seen this. First of all, I'm completely embarrassed i haven't been on you blog for AGES. I often think about you and then time goes (as it does)

    I haven't read the post yet, I just responded to your comment on my Creative Process post and said how glad I was you started your own Creativity section and now saw this.

    It's 1.30am in London and I have an extremely important meeting here at Home in the morning so will visit back in the next couple of days and spend some time here on beautyofeverydaylife.. keen to know how you're doing.... :-) Promise!!

  3. Noreen, thank you so much for the generous and complimentary mention:-)

    It was a wonderful project to be part of and I only wish I had longer to give it my full attention. I must say it was really cool to hang in the V&A (my favourite museum in the world) and be able to inspire people. The good thing about only doing it in a few hours was that I didn't have time to over think it... more of a gut reaction.

    Ha. I get the Library and the meatballs:-) Our brief was very much about London.
    I'm really glad you enjoyed this and love your creativity category!

    I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


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