Monday, October 21, 2013

waiting in the car

homemade butter in the farmers' market bag and
lettuce grown by sarah at farm beach bethel.
edible beauty.

peace to you this week.


  1. Hello Noreen, it's been too long since I've popped in. Truth be know I've just needed a little break from blogging and commenting as life got overwhelming. I remember when a teacher in primary school, showed us how to make butter and I thought it was the most fascinating thing in the world! The capsicum and cucumbers look perfect as does the lettuce. Love Farmer's Markets. Hope all is well with you. My daughter graduates from University in a couple of months, where does the time go! Exciting times ahead. Hope you're having a great week. XO

  2. What a beautiful start to the new week! There is something special about knowing where our food is grown and made. Have a great week xx


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