Friday, February 21, 2014

days are getting longer

 at 6 p.m. a few weeks ago, it was much darker.  
we ran toward the roebling bridge, 
 past the chilly statues, and
 took a closer look.  we even had time to
 run over that bridge before
 darkness settled in.
the beauty of fresh air.

happy weekend.


  1. Hello, my dear. I miss you! Rushing, rushing this week. Neel and I took a walk before dinner last night, and we also noted how much lighter it was as we headed home. Hoping your runs warm up soon. Happy weekend, my friend.

  2. So wonderful. And here the days are getting darker earlier, ever-so-slightly-earlier. xx

  3. Yes, I've also noticed it... there's a real sense of Spring at the moment... I love this time of transition... the anticipation, beautiful light!


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