Tuesday, February 25, 2014

one horsepower

beautiful animals.
peace to you.


  1. Aren't they beautiful, we have horse and carriage rides around our city. I sometimes feel sorry for the horses and wonder if they're tired. Thank you for your lovely comments about the new blog. So glad you liked it. It actually wasn't meant to be made public yet as it's not finished but there was a glitch with the privacy settings, so you and Tina are the only friends that have seen it!

  2. So stunning. There was a video on my facebook feed this morning (I have several horsey friends) of a blind horse and her BFF (also a horse). Well, the BFF goes into the paddock each morning and opens the door for the blind horse so she can get to her food. Only then does she go to her own food. Isn't that lovely?

  3. beautiful animals with gorgeous big eyes.

  4. Beautiful, powerful, wise and imposing!!


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