Sunday, July 1, 2012

monday color - dappled

 so the color is sun-dappled cement stairway that caught they eye as we ran past.  
gray?  brown?  spotted?
beauty, anyway.  
monday adventures to you.


  1. Hi Noreen-
    Happy first Monday in July. I love when I catch some dappled light in my camera lens. Beauty, yes! Teri

  2. The dappled light is so pretty. Do you run those stairs? We have a loooong set of stairs near our house that I see people run up and down for exercise. Great workout. (Hm, seems I have exercise on the brain.)

  3. Is this morning? Great excercise running those stairs...I love that you are so fit. I've been walking and running up stairs for about three weeks now in an effort to improve my fitness and I feel great.

  4. The dappled light is so beautiful! Love this simple view. Stunningly refreshing xx

  5. hello t and catherine - i didn't run the stairs. now that would be a workout! i just ran BY them. good for you, if you do run steps!

  6. I love that you notice theses things while RUNNING! I would be too busy gasping for breath and dying to notice anything.


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