Sunday, December 2, 2012

alexander calder and miro

 as you walk down the hall toward the car at the cincinnati art museum, look around!
 above your head is alexander calder's twenty leaves and an apple (1946).  to your left is miro's mural for the terrace plaza hotel (1947).  
 miro's work is roughly 30 feet in length and 7 1/2 feet high.  the commission for this cincinnati hotel resulted in the spanish surrealist's first visit to america.  he began work in may and finished in october.  
the art may be about big ideas, but it appeals to children, too.  
creative beauty.

happy new week!


  1. Oh! Two of our favorites here. Neel said, "Oh! A Miro!" as he passed behind me..he did a project on Miro in Lower School and has long been a fan. When we lived in San Diego, the building that Neel worked in had a Calder mobile, I can't for the life of me remember the name. But you've showcased two artists we love today. Thank you, dear.

  2. i love art that appeals to children (and my inner child). Such playfulness xx

  3. Wonderful art and fabulous that children can appreciate it also. I was thrilled when you said you're grandparents were from Northern Ireland. You must go one day, I've been a few times and the people are so friendly. My children can't wait to visit Belfast one day to see where their Grandparents are from!

  4. so inspiring and yes, I bet the kids love these works too!

  5. We have a Miro - print - hanging in our dining room, so we're fan favorites of his work. I also really love Calder's work. Twenty leaves and an apple - I see it! ;) The photo where you captured both pieces in one shot is my favorite. 30' x 7.5' - Wow!


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