Thursday, December 6, 2012

blue manatee

independent bookstores
are my favorite kind.

children's independents - the best.  blue manatee books in cincinnati is 
a visiting authors draw on the wall kind of place.  

there's lots more information about this wonderful place, and i'll share it one day.

for now, if you are a parent, read to your child.
if your child can read, have him or her also read to you.  



  1. Oh gosh, aren't independent bookstores the best? This one is SO charming! I could lose myself for hours in it! You always find the best places, Noreen!

  2. That place is sooooo coooool! I love the look of it. I have considered opening a book store so many times. Seriously looked into it when I moved to Port Macquarie but couldn't get the numbers to add up - retail rents are pretty high here and foot traffic only explodes during holiday season, you've still got to make it through the rest of the year with local sales.

  3. This store is beautiful inside and out. I love independent bookstores! Thanks for sharing xx

  4. What a lovely shop! Independent is the best. Let's keep them around for years and years to come with our support.

  5. I missed this post the first time around, but blogger put it under your Cleveland posts, & said, "Other posts you might like," or something. They were right! I love these photos! Go, genius sis.


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