Thursday, December 20, 2012

christmas prep

pizzelles are italian cookies, hand made two at a time.  
 after making the dough, you sit at the pizzelle maker and press them like waffles.
 although they are crispy and taste quite healthy, these cookies are loaded with butter.  
but how can you argue with an italian who makes them with love?
maybe even add some ice cream between two, and have a true dessert.

joy to you!


  1. Love the pretty pattern the pizzelle maker gives the cookies. These sandwiched with ice cream doesn't sound half bad...yum!!!

  2. That pizzelle maker looks well loved! We brought my mom in to do the baking...that's not the only reason we brought her, of course, but it's definitely a bonus! I've been thinking about you so much these days my friend. I'm so happy you're on vacation and enjoying your family. JOY to you!


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