Thursday, March 21, 2013

kale and green tea

 a new snack - heat oven to 250, put a little olive oil in a bowl.
wash, tear, and dip the kale.  add a bit of salt.  
bake for 15-30 minutes, depending on how you like it.  the photo is before baking, and there are no photos of after due to chips being eaten.  recommended!

at the australian blog farmhouse home, catherine's found a delicious kale salad recipe.
 the steam rising from the green tea was really lovely.
food photographer, lauren of still+life, would have made it a work of art.  hot tea is appealing now especially if you live in the northeast u.s., where it has either recently snowed or is due to snow. 

warm thoughts and much joy to you.  


  1. Oh Noreen, thank you for the sweet mention. You didn't do too badly yourself, and I love the colors of the kale and the mug. And that mug of tea just feels warm! Even here in the coastal south we needed warm tea today. Flurries! Can you believe it! And on Saturday I have to sit outside in the cold for THREE baseball games! Happy day to you, my lovely.

  2. I love kale! Really should try doing this. Surely easy enough.

  3. Two of my favourite things! We have quite a bit of kale growing... I must try to make the chips xx

  4. Hi Noreen, so sorry I missed this. Thank you for the mention xx, aren't kale chips surprisingly good! I've been doing some work with a florist so haven't been on the computer as much myself. Hope you and your family had a lovely Easter. Catherine xx


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