Monday, March 11, 2013

rainy time-change traffic

 a waterfall was flowing into the road this morning.  
due to setting our clocks one hour earlier, morning came early.  
the rain slowed traffic.
at school, one child said she was too tired to dress and still had her pajama shirt on.  
ah well, you can do math in pajamas!

safe travel to you.


  1. Whose brilliant idea was it to have the return to spring break come on the same Monday as the 1st Monday of Daylight Savings? Seriously. A friend of mine on facebook said her kids' school was off yesterday. It's a new school to them so she wasn't sure it was coincidence or not, but regardless? That's an idea I can get behind! Safe early-morning travels dear!

  2. It does look so early...hope you've eased into daylight savings now, that first morning is always a doosey! I love your reaction to the child wearing a pyjama shirt..perfect!

  3. That is a beautiful response to the cild that was too tired to dress. You are an amazing woman xx


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