Tuesday, March 5, 2013

the golden lamb

 have you heard of ohio's oldest hotel?
 the golden lamb has been in operation since 1803.  it got its name because many pioneers could not read, so a simple picture was helpful.  
 in the early days, it was a log tavern, and in 
 1815 built in brick.  a third floor was added, and in 1878 a fourth floor for the men who were building the railroad.  
 there's a comfortable waiting area in the front, with
 a newspaper and a fireplace to warm you.  
 in 1964 the black horse tavern and this lower-story gift shop were added.
 inside, history permeates.

 the food is delicious.  the house salad with smoky cheese, salmon with vegetable risotto,  raspberry chocolate dessert - all recommended.  
 my family has had special events here -

twenty-two years ago my soon-to-be husband's parents met mine for the first time.

we came one year with young children for thanksgiving and played cards between courses.  slow service, so lots of fun.

a special moms' night out.

beautiful memories.
joy to you!

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