Sunday, March 10, 2013


  a book review of a television script? 
 the show is downton abbey.
 the script is worth reading if you enjoy the crawley family and their staff.
 the author, julian fellowes, or baron fellowes of west stafford dl, has included comments.  they are notes on an actor's performance of a scene, a character's personality, or an aspect of the show (such as why the first episode opens with the titanic sinking).  
one author's note explains that in season one episode three, when a turkish visitor dies in scandalous circumstances, some press said this was unbelievable.  it's interesting to read julian's explanation of how the story line was rooted in reality. 

 necessary?  no.  enjoyable?  certainly.

joy to you.


  1. How fun! I love behind-the-scenes peeks like this! Did you enjoy it? If I watched DA, I'm sure I would!

  2. The behind the scenes notes sound interesting. I'll have to flip through this next time I'm at B&N.

  3. This is a show I wish I had have watched from the start. It's been a big hit here in Australia! We have the second series running at the moment. Fascinating book about the interesting to read about their process and explanations of plots.

  4. Wow! As we sadly finished DA here in the UK, it's so good to see how it's taken off in other countries.

    It always chuckles me how the world has this fascination with British Period Dramas:-)

    Great re: behind the scene script. Would love that!


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