Tuesday, April 30, 2013

may - by john updike

 Now children may
Go out of doors,
Without their coats,
To candy stores.
 The apple branches
And the pear
May float their blossoms
Through the air,
 And Daddy may
Get out his hoe
To plant tomatoes
In a row,
 And, afterward,
May lazily
Look at some baseball
On TV.

or go to a game! 
 that's johnny bench on the big screen in the second picture, when he was inducted into the reds' hall of fame.  in the last photo, the gentleman was 100 or 101 and attending - a true baseball fan.  

here's to leisure pursuits - a beautiful part of life.


  1. Fantastic you guys can get out and about now in the Spring weather! Would love to go to a baseball game if I ever make it stateside. x

  2. Well, you have to know how dear this post is to my heart, Noreen! There's nothing like baseball, is there? Have you seen 42 yet? Cal and I went a week or so ago and he loved it. Part of what he loved was that he plays on the same (type) field and goes to games on the same fields as what we watched in the movie. What history! What wonderful memories for families to share! Happy May! XO

  3. Imagine making it to over 100 - I wonder what life will be like then?


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