Friday, April 5, 2013

spring break - top 5

 the goal of this blog is to share beauty that exists, available to everyone.
to do this, i carry my phone or camera with me.  i don't adjust the photos except the occasional crop.   

here's the top 5 reasons i hope you also have time off with your family:

5.  it slows the rush of daily obligations.
4.  making a pact with your family not to work helps everyone reduces stress.  
no homework for the kids, either, except maybe reading or writing.
3.  you can share what you love with your children (travel, art, nature, sports).
2.  friends and extended family time is precious.  (grandparents and grandchildren = sweet!)
1.  family fun.

you knew this already, right?

the beauty of everyday life is already there.  
joy to you!


  1. Lovely list, Noreen. Time off, free of responsibility is so important isn't it? Our kids work so hard it seems. And we do too. Hope you had a great break! XO

  2. Happy Spring Break!

    The sun has finally decided to make an appearance and everyone seems so much happier:-)

  3. Your list is exactly what I tried to do with the kids during spring break. Though, I did "work" a little bit. I really shouldn't have. I should have taken the whole week off to just be. Hope you had a wonderful spring break, full of all the relaxation and downtime you so deserved.
    PS~Are you on or have you ever thought about getting on Instagram? It's such a nice, quick way to keep up with everyone.


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