Wednesday, April 17, 2013

naples art museum

 today's visit to the naples museum will be interesting.  the enormous botero sculpture is gone.  the chihuly that used to hang in the entranceway is now
 next door in the philharmonic.
the entrance is still beautiful, and this
 sculpture replaced the botero nude.
 in the philharmonic, they were installing a new show.  i love the ladder on the receiving end of this woman's admonishments (and how she is holding her skirt).
 here's a surprise - picasso mentioned "everyday life".  
art washes away from the soul
the dust of everyday life.  
 i couldn't agree more.
 not pictured is the "chihuly ceiling" - a glass roof with lots of colorful art glass above it, and lights shining through.  you have to lie down on the floor to really appreciate it.  when they were small, my children brought sketch books and colored pencils and sat under it, enjoying.
 this is one of a trio of huge intimidating creatures.  they used to reside in the garden just past the entrance gate (see first  photo) where my son "watered" a palm tree when he was three or four.  
they are still impressive, but were easier to enjoy outside.  
maybe attendees to the shows enjoy them?  or perhaps they needed protection from the elements?
 here is their view.  
the naples museum was also having an exhibit of "women artists" while we were there - no cameras allowed. 

if you get a chance, check out the naples museum of art.

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