Sunday, June 16, 2013

a few competitors - roses

 leaving the rose garden, we happened through the award-giving.  
it was wonderful to be able to cheer for some passionate, hard-working people.
 here are a few of the contenders.

this one won a gold certificate.

living art.
joy to you!


  1. I missed you last week while I was so busy, but this was a lovely post to come back to! Those roses are so stunning. Neel has started planting roses, but he's not what you'd call one of those rose guys. He's not *that* into it! Maybe if he were, we'd get results like these!

    Hope you're well, dear.

  2. Aren't these roses exquisite. My husband and I are not gardeners but if we were I'd definitely have some beautiful roses like these growing. Beautiful colours.


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