Wednesday, June 26, 2013

common core - six shifts, 6

the last of the six shifts in reading with the new common core standards is for children to learn academic vocabulary.  

this involves direct vocabulary instruction using more interesting strategies than just, "write the word in a sentence."  

children can't "own" a word until they've used it many times.  this shift requires using word webs, learning synonyms, nuances (how would the sentence change if you used a synonym for the word?)

vocabulary is divided into three tiers:
1.  basic words everyone needs to know, but these words rarely require direct instruction
2.  high frequency or multiple meaning words - these need to be taught.
3.  low frequency, context-specific words - these words are learned in science, math, social studies, when fishing, traveling, etc.  

depending on what the child is reading, tier 2 and tier 3 are where we spend our time.

to recap all six shifts in the common core reading:

1.  more informational reading
2.  reading instruction in the disciplines
3.  staircase to increase text complexity
4. using text-based answers
5.  children writing from sources
6.  academic vocabulary

it's summer.
back to our beach reading and family adventures.

joy to you!

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