Sunday, June 9, 2013

no roses, just names

 this weekend we went to the rose festival at the park of roses.
it was beautiful.  
how do roses get their names?

some seem like family names,
 while others are descriptive.
 some evoke a theatrical moment, and
 others a place.
 here's one we all need.
 this one is named for my daughter's friend, 
 this one for a song, and
 this one for a contradiction in terms.  (hello heidi!)
 these roses are named for a celestial event,
 these for my friend's 8-month-old puppy, and
 these for a local fighter.
 a land yacht,
 a subatomic particle with a negative charge, and
 a lovely former student all have roses, too.
 sometimes the roses didn't seem to live up to their names.
 is there a gentleman rose?
 roses were named for people.  
george burns and his wife were there, i'll share them with their blooms soon.  
 have a valentine and some
 confidence in your
 beatles music.
 they're legends, after all.
 when the evening star shines, we'll be

beautiful semantics.
joy to you!


  1. What beautiful roses, I hope you all enjoyed the festival. How cool would it be to have a rose named after you? I never cease to be amazed by their beauty.

  2. Beautiful names, esp"love" .. yes we all need it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is beautiful.

    I love reading your interpretations and poetic endeavours:-)
    Yes, imagine having a rose named after you... I think Audrey Hepburn sounds far more glamorous than Tina Bernstein:-))


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