Friday, June 21, 2013

common core - six shifts, 4

we're half-way through the six shifts in education recommended by the new common core standards being adopted by most states.

1.  balance informational and literary texts
2.  build reading skills in other disciplines
3.  the staircase of text complexity

number 4 is for children to use text-based answers.  

this is useful because it focuses students where they should be working - 
in what they are reading.  
it encourages conversations and habits that lead back to the text.

sounds simple, right?  and makes complete sense?

when i was in grad school, and getting my reading certificate, one of the recommended skills for children was connecting the text to him or herself.  

this shift lets that connection go.  

no problem here.

4 finished, 2 to go.

joy to you!

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