Sunday, November 11, 2012


 driving downtown today with my son.  "pretty soon we'll be coming down here to ice skate, and the big tree will be up."
 "it's up!"
 "the skating rink is ready, too!" (son talking.)
 "wait, look at that!"
the white tent on the right is the skating rink entrance.  (i love the american flag in this picture.)

forecast:  christmas ahead.
joy (and safe driving) to you.


  1. It would be so fun spending Christmas in your city. Ice Skating is so much fun. We don't tend to decorate our cities for Christmas the way I imagine you do in the US. I'm hosting our extended family for Christmas this year, yikes!!!

  2. I know, it's sneaking up on us. There are little things happening around town letting us know. Lights are starting to appear on houses. I'm not ready but love this time of year. xo Teri

  3. We're getting signs here too. Ice skating rink opens on Friday. Christmas music in the mall yesterday (!). Plans for Thanksgiving mean that Christmas is almost here. Our city's grand illumination is this weekend too. Creeping closer. Took me forever to find the flag, but I love it too!

  4. So magical!! Noreen your city is whispering christmas beautifully! xx

  5. Gosh, I do believe Christmas decorations and activities are rolled out earlier and earlier every year. Well, I might as well embrace it and not fight it. ;) Ice skating does sound fun.


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