Sunday, November 4, 2012


where i live

Where I live the breeze
blows gently across the pond,
the sky is clear and blue,
the trees grow tall,
and the song of birds floats in the air.
Where I live people talk instead of fight,
listen instead of talk,
respect and honor differences.
Where I live the hungry are fed,
the sick healed,
the lost returned
safe to their homes.
Where I live there is laughter 
and song
and dance.
Where I live there is a stillness,
an openness,
a space for ideas to be born.
Where I live there is no need of fear.
Where there is no fear I live.
Where I live is as big as your heart
and as small as the universe.
I am peace.
Will you have me live with you?
Anna Grossnickle Hines

from a book of children's poetry matched with beautiful quilts.  i'll share more soon.

here it's freezing and busy with travel and work, yet we find peace in movement and time together.  

where is peace where you are?


  1. Beautiful way to start my week, my dear. xo

  2. Beautiful poem, Noreen. In light of all that is going on with the aftermath of the hurricane and election day, these words take on an even stronger meaning. Happy new week!

  3. Oh my, such a beautiful poem. Here's to peace.

  4. What a BEAUTIFUL poem, thanks for sharing it Noreen! I love how we can all find peace within ourselves when we become silent (calming the mind's chatter + illuminating the heart.

  5. Love that poem and that has to be one of my favourite of your photos.


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