Monday, November 5, 2012

top 5 - travel

a quick trip to a montessori reading conference in atlanta was a joy.

top 5:

5.  time alone.  at school we have 28 students (love, love, love), and at home i have my dear family.  a little time with just me (and random strangers) was refreshing.
4.  good public transportation.  instead of a $70 cab ride, i took MARTA - the train.  or do they call it a subway?  cost: $3.
3.  meeting new teaching friends.  montessorians.   
2.  learning!  being a student and gathering new ideas and skills.  
1.  coming home.  

joy to you. 


  1. We always take the MARTA when we go to see Neel's family in Atlanta. I love how easy it is to use. And aren't conferences wonderful? I know what you mean about the time alone. It's good for you and for everyone around you!

  2. I totally understand and can relate to your #5. On Sunday, my husband took the kids to the beach (yes, it's warm here again) giving me some time alone. It felt really good just to be with my thoughts. Full, drawn out thoughts, not fragmented thoughts. :) Oh, learning and gathering new ideas is another favorite.

  3. Hello Noreen, it's so nice to get away on your own for a few days. I had the same experience last weekend at a food bloggers conference. Of course coming home is equally as nice.

  4. Joy to you too! What a HUGE difference in price $3 vs $70. I love how we are continuously learning :)

  5. I love learning new things, and I particularly enjoy the experience of alone time, it happens so rarely!

  6. A beautiful top 5! Time alone is so good... and combined with learning and meeting new friends it sounds wonder full! xx


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