Thursday, November 29, 2012

top 5 - busy friends

finding time to visit friends is a challenge.  what with full-time jobs, living far apart, family care, and driving the kids to activities, friendships can be neglected.

 here's a top 5 for keeping precious people in your life:

5.  use facebook.  
4.  schedule whole family visits.  this is easier if your children go to the same school or you have other natural connections.  (the thanksgiving day race is this for our family.  the kids have friends and we adults have time to visit too.)
3.  commit to something together - a book group, exercise class, monthly or weekly group of some kind.
2.  schedule way out into the future.  
1.  be spontaneous and keep trying.  

what works for you?

here's to beautiful friendships.

joy to you!


  1. This is so difficult isn't it. My best friend rang me for my birthday but I was out - we still haven't managed to catch up 9 days later! I'm hoping that we can enjoy a holiday together next year. I keep hoping because I moved to a popular retirement destination all my mates will end up retiring here and we can end up in the same old people's home together! I keep thinking when the kids are grown maybe we will be able to get together more often, with lives less busy and given we live all the country catching up may be easier.

  2. that should say "all over the country".

  3. 3 & 4 work best for me. and prioritising monthly meetups, even if it's just chatting over a cuppa xx

  4. Maintaining old friendships is so very important. There really is nothing like sitting with an old friend who knows you so well and catching up on life. It really is what life is all about. I most definitely utilize #1 and #2.


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