Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween - top 5

halloween has its traditions.  my honey makes pizza each year, and this year he added vegan to his varieties.  yum.  

here's the most wonderful things about last night's celebration:

5.  it felt like friday night. 
4.  eating and chatting near the fire.
3.  teenagers who stay by the door and give out candy.  (usually we're outside visiting, but it was in the 30s F and drizzling.)
2.  friends, family, and former students visiting.  
1.  my friend and her daughter arrived.  she had a lovely coat on, and i asked if i could take her coat so she could stay awhile and have pizza.  she agreed, but did not take it off.  instead, she pointed toward the kitchen table and laughed.  what was funny?  i didn't see anything.  it was getting dark outside.  then i saw it.  a hunched over gorilla was skulking around the deck.  we didn't know who it was!  the teacher in me kicked in.  i opened the door to the deck, and shooed the gorilla in the house (the better to get him through the house and out the front door).  maybe it was my niece?  no, too big.  it climbed on a kitchen chair and looked around.  i beckoned to it to come to the front door, pushed a piece of candy into its paw, and shooed it out the door.


i saved the day!  everyone else there had just stared, asking, "who is it?  do we know this person?"  my friend excused herself and went outside. 

yes, you guessed it, it was her husband!  

(photo taken earlier.  he's not as scary with a cute, little puppy.)

halloween fun.  
joy to you.


  1. Great story, Noreen! Callum has a science teacher this year of whom you would not approve, I think. He had much homework last night and could barely help hand out candy. It was a sad first for us. Your Halloween sounds much more fun. Happy weekend. It's here, isn't it?

  2. Funny story with a little scary mixed in. That's a great gorilla suit. It felt like Halloween was pretty quiet this year. Oh, well. Happy weekend, Noreen!

  3. what a funny story! and handled with such authority and grace : )
    i love nights that feel like friday nights too xx

  4. so fun! sounds like the perfect halloween night! xo Teri


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