Monday, January 21, 2013

moving again

 it was the first run over the purple people bridge
 for 2013.
 then we went under some bridges, 
 past the cincinnati reds' stadium, and
 then into downtown and past the courthouse.
it was a joy to get outside, although there was a price for my attention to the beautiful sunrise.
i tripped, fell into the road, and got a little road rash.  happily no cars were coming.  it was early, after all.

worth it!


  1. Ooh my, glad u r ok Noreen. Thanks for taking pics to share the beauty of everyday even with scratches = reminds us to get up, dust off, and keep of appreciating :) I had a few ALMOST bump-ins to poles while looking at things cool/unique = my legs moving forward, but my head turned to the side = bound to bump into something one day (glad I don't drive like I walk, hahahaha)

  2. Woman, I was just going to say when I saw the in the heck can you be running and taking pictures? Let that be a sign dear Noreen. Yu could have really hurt yourself. Save picture thing to those times when you aren't running for goodness sake!

  3. Ahh, the iPad froze while trying to make corrections to my previous comment. Oh well. You know what it should be.

  4. Oh gosh, that sounds like something I would do, especially if that sunrise was in front of me. Happy to read you only suffered minor road rashes. Aw, the price we pay to share such beauty.

  5. Glad you're ok and glad you got these pics:-) Fab!

  6. Glad you are ok N! (I would've been taking pics too) Your captures are beautiful. I feel like I am experiencing your run too xx


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