Thursday, January 24, 2013

spring - inside

i teach at a marvelous montessori school.  each morning this month, i get to help little and big kids out of their cars.  it's called car-line.
the children are bright and fresh and ready for adventures.  
they come from loving homes.
being outside is invigorating.  
this week our morning car-line has been between 10 and 17 degrees f.  
bitter cold.  
so it's really lovely to remember that spring has already sprung, inside, at krohn conservatory.

keep warm.  (and to our friends in australia, we're sending cold air.)
joy to you.


  1. I really like this post mama, it's nice to see some color during these cold winter months!

  2. The colours are so amazing.... a reminder that spring is coming. I love the joy you have for you work xx

  3. So nice to see these spring colors and flowers right at the end of January when we need it most. Well, particularly you all on the East Coast most of all. Sadly, I can't commiserate with you on your 10-17 degree weather. (That is cold!) I'm sending spiritual warmth. [smile]


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