Monday, January 28, 2013


you know my theory - the best things in life aren't things,
they're people.

but sometimes it's nice to appreciate stuff. 

joy to you!


  1. We must always make room for things that bring us joy. Surroundings are important. I like your little collage!

  2. 100% agreed :) In my biz, I train my assistants/ interns with my motto .. that the most valuable treasure in the homes are the people (my designs are geared to illuminate my clients personality first, not enhance the architecture features = that's 2nd ;)

  3. Have I told you this story? I was estranged from my dad for a period when Callum was very young (we're fine now). My dad and I have always been very close and this was very hard for me. One day Cal accidentally (I think he was about 2 or so) knocked a vase that my dad had given me off a shelf and the vase shattered. Taking deep breaths, I kept saying, "The Buddha says, 'Don't attach.' The Buddha says, 'Don't attach.' Screw the Buddha! I want my vase!" ;)

    We're trying to raise Callum to value experiences over things (giving trips as gifts, etc.), but you know what? Things are infused with memories and love and that's okay!

  4. lauren, that story is new to me, but i get it! sometimes things carry a little bit of the person who gave it to us, or who experienced something with us. they become a treasure. thanks!


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