Friday, January 11, 2013

one more - taft museum, miniature and full size

the taft museum looks elegant tiny, 
and large.
the columned entryway is welcoming.
you can imagine presidential candidate taft, visiting in 1908, getting ready for his campaign.

the exhibit at krohn conservatory ends today, but you can check out the creative makers of the little version at applied imagination.  

joy to you!


  1. How clever, you have some wonderful exhibitions in your city Noreen.

  2. It makes me wish they would build really whimsical but life-sized buildings. I like Paul Busse's models better than the real things.

  3. Oh, I love things in miniature like this! Such fun! You really do manage to seek out and find the most amazing things, Noreen.

  4. i luv the details of the miniature buildin!!!


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