Friday, July 19, 2013

9 miles

 spider webs were covered with dew and
 the morning fog was still around.

 it was still shady when i started out, but
 not for long.

 i took a detour to place where you put your canoe in the water.

looked cool and appealing.  

9 miles and counting.

cool fresh air to you.


  1. Gorgeous run, Noreen! I've been wanting to run again, but in this high, high heat and humidity I know myself enough to know that discretion is the better part of valor! I'll walk until fall!

  2. I've never seen spider webs like that. Ahhhmazing!

  3. Wow! so magical and dreamy. A gorgeous environment to run, and dream in xx

  4. Spider webs, like birds nests are just an a gift from God! So intricate and amazing. Beautiful!

  5. Spider webs are such a beautiful work of art .. at least that is how I feel until I get a spider bite (huge bite last week, OUCHIE!). Then the itchiness goes away and I am back to admiring their work.

  6. Absolutely stunning photography! Thanks for the inspiration!


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